DEFENCO S.A. is a professional trading company, providing services for a selected group of international firms for the Hellenic Armed and Security Forces. DEFENCO S.A. is performing with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of business – a commitment that extends to its principles, customers and associates.

DEFENCO is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification, under Hellenic MOD

The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared. DEFENCO is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic MOD under NATO Cage Code G1679

 Defenco’s Mission

DEFENCO S.A delivers to its customers the greatest value they can get, through products, services and solutions offered.

Defenco’s Market Focus

Defenco concentrates its efforts on market areas, where priorities and budget spending are strong and where the highest probability of success lies.


Defenco ’s ID

  • Initially established in 1971.
  • Active in a wide range of the defence market.
  • Has long term agreements and partnerships with selected manufacturers.
  • Works under ISO Certification and seeks equivalent certified partners.


Business Philosophy

  • Defenco performs as an extension of affiliates sales, marketing and technical teams.
  • Defenco’s philosophy is based on the belief that a strong sales and technical capability, through deep product knowledge, an extensive network of contacts, and expert interpersonal skills are the keypoints of success in business.


Defenco SA Consulting Services

NATO parts

Defenco SA is a NATO cerified supplier


Defenco SA is specialized in security & surveillance products & equipment

Our Partners

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