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  • Project Management

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Defenco concentrates its efforts on market areas, where priorities and budget spending are strong and where the highest probability of success lies.


Business Philosophy

  • Defenco performs as an extension of your own sales and marketing team.
  • Defenco’s philosophy is based on the belief that a strong sales capability, through product knowledge, an extensive network of contacts, and expert interpersonal skills are the keypoints of success in business.

DEFENCO provides a wide range of services to its customers -services that go far beyond those made available by an agent’s or manufacturer’s representative. Some of these services are:


  • Defenco acts as a sales representative for international firms, for the promotion and sale of their products to the Greek Defence and Security Market.
  • Defenco has excellent sourcing capabilities for domestic and international requirements and has experience in pursuing and negotiating direct purchase agreements for the benefit of its customers.
  • During contract negotiations, DEFENCO provides to its customers assistance, giving legal and financial advices, explanation of procurement laws and procedures, strategy formulation and after sales services, warranty implementation, technical support etc.
  • Greek Government policy requires that offset obligations should be committed on any major procurement contract. Respecting this policy and, upon request, DEFENCO can undertake the fulfillment of the offsets of its customers and/or third parties.
  • Comprehensive and critical evaluation of specifications and parameters analysis.
  • Consulting services over proposal issues.
  • Proposal preparation (support documents, Greek language, focused on customer’s requirments).
  • Project management.
  • Systems documentation interpretation.
  • Logistics support.
  • Greek Added Value.

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